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Big Sound, Big Instruments

You have to wonder who would have the balls to be in a rockabilly band nowadays, especially in South Florida. Not only do you have to play your heart out, but you also have to lug around that giant ass upright bass in the hot sun on a daily basis. You would get a pretty good workout though, which might be why Viva Le Vox is considered to be one of strongest local acts around.

Combining just bluegrass and rock music would be totally sissy. So the “Vox” makes sure to add plenty of Misfits infused doom punk to their rockabilly debauchery. Did we mention the band members were named BONES (guitar, vocals), MANIMAL (drums), and SCARECROW (heavy ass upright bass)? Don’t get nervous — you’ll be too busy shaking your backside to be intimidated. The band is continuing to celebrate their most recent seven-inch release off Incest Records, and plan to rock DaDa this Friday night at 10:30.

So go lift some weights wimp, and prepare for one hell of a rockabilly show at DaDa. Tune your GPS to 52 N. Swinton Ave. in Delray Beach. Admission is Free. Call 561-330-DADA for more info.
Fri., March 6, 10:30 p.m., 2009


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