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It’s easy to blame your shitty life on all sorts of things: having overbearing or unresponsive parents, slacking off in school, spending too much money on the ponies, or just having a tragic lack of luck in the gene lottery. The good people at Tsunami’s Tiki Bar are throwing a little creativity into the blame game. When you show up to work on Thursday with your low self-esteem buoyed by a brutal hangover, you can just blame it on Wednesdays. Yup, your tragic lot in life has nothing to do with your constant overindulgence in alcohol or your crippling sense of self-worth. It’s that damned day the Romans decided to slap right in the middle of the week that’s screwing you all up. Do something about it by partying it up with likeminded denizens of South Florida at Tsunami’s Tiki Bar and Grill at 160 N. Military Trl. in West Palm Beach. It’s free, so you can’t blame not showing up on being broke, but you can probably blame your shallow gene pool if you can’t find someone to buy you a drink.
Wednesdays. Starts: July 8. Continues through Jan. 27, 2009


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