Bite Off More Than You Can Swallow

Competitive eaters know you by your nickname: Gut McLean. Your digestive prowess is the stuff of delicious legend. Where others fall limp, their mouths overflowing and eyes rolled back, you continue. Chomping away until victory is yours. On Sunday, all the world will know this.

The Broward County Fair is more than a brightly lit midway, resplendent with rides, games, animals (two words: racing pigs) and circus folk; It’s also a smorgasbord of fried delectables. You’ve waited all year to stuff your cheeks with greasy elephant ears, sticky arepas, and -- if you’re really lucky and God shines his sweet light from the heavens – fried Coca Cola. But you must pace yourself, because today is one of the greatest days of the entire fair: Pizza Eating Contest Day. Sure, you’ll be given “fair bucks” and “rosettes” if you’re the last man eating, but we all know the real prize: the admiration of your peer group (and subsequently, a post-victory ride on the tilt-a-whirl – take that suckas!). You can sign up at the fair for this 3 p.m. event. Tickets range $7 to $30. Call 954-436-7494, or visit
Nov. 18-25, 2007

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