Boys, Boys, Boys!

What do you get when you take six unemployed steel workers, add in a dash of suicidal depression and a chunk of unpaid child support? Well, you get exposed male genitals, of course. The Full Monty is a play based on the Academy Award winning movie (Best Original Music Score) of the same name, in which six guys decided that the best way to earn money after losing their jobs is to shake their baby makers. Of course, all sorts of crazy high jinks ensue, and there’s some genuinely clever writing. But let’s be honest: The only thing people remember about The Full Monty a few months after they’ve seen it is the part with the flapping wieners. Doesn’t it warm the heart to find out guys can be exploited too? Come on down and get an eyeful at the Maltz Jupiter Theater (1001 E. Indiantown Rd., Jupiter). Tickets start at $35. Call 800-445-1666, or visit
Fri., Feb. 29, 2008

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