Brawl in the Family

Surely there has to be something worse than a weekend visit from the in-laws. Well, there is, but it’s not death or taxes. It ’s a permanent visit from the in-laws. And in his play Squabbles, Marshall Karp has dreamt up the worst-case scenario. It’s quite enough that Alice’s grump of a father, Abe, lives with her and her husband, Jerry. But when Jerry’s mother, Mildred, moves in, the battle begins. The question is: Do the in-laws really loathe one another that much? Or are they merely masking their affection beneath a guise of incessant quarreling? Either way, it makes for a strange mix of The Odd Couple, All in the Family, and The Brady Bunch. Squabbles opens Thursday and runs through April 30 at Sugar Sand Park’s Willow Theatre (300 S . Military Trl., Boca Raton). Tickets cost $12 to $14. Call 561- 347-3948.
April 6-30

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