Breaking With Boredom

In 2008, Forbes magazine gave Hialeah the dubious honor of being one of America’s ten most boring cities. While Hialeah politicos debated whether being boring was a good or bad thing for the city’s reputation, blog commenters, despite a few who offered some kind words, were resoundingly discontented with the ubiquity of flea markets and strip malls. The St. Petersburg Times even quoted one resident as saying, “Starbucks is about as exciting as it gets.”

Not surprisingly, Forbes overlooked a few noteworthy talents to come out of the “city of progress,” including artist Christian Duran, whose work has been honored throughout Miami and displayed in the State Capitol Building in Tallahassee as well as in an exhibition in Spain. Duran’s latest exhibition "Bringing up the Dead"; showcases 14 pieces that attempt to reconcile religious iconography — or as the artist puts it, truths that exist “within the mind” — with physical or anatomical truths. The outcome ostensibly results in ominous-looking crucifixes and skulls overgrown with colorful, psychedelic shrubbery. But the dialogue created by combining “fact and faith” as well as issues of mortality and immortality, resonates in a larger way, meriting reflection about what makes up the human experience. Bring an open mind or LSD.

“Bringing up the Dead” will be on display until April 26 at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, located at 1650 Harrison St. in Hollywood. Admission costs $7 for adults and $4 for students. Call 954-921-3274, or visit
April 9-26, 2009

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