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But I Hardly Even Know ’Er

What would you do with that $150 you could use to buy into the Seminole Hard Rock & Casino’s Summer Open Poker Series? You could pay for five days’ rent. You could buy enough gas to drive to Pensacola and back. You could buy two grams of meth. You could score 300 shares of General Motors stock. You could feed your toddler for a month.

In other words, you could squander it, and knowing you, you’ll do just that. Why not use that piddling sum as a down payment on your wildest dreams, instead? From June 12 to 21, the nine events in the Poker Series are paying out more than a cool quarter-mil, with buy-ins at $75, $150 and, for the three-day event with at least a $150,000 prize pool, $1,100. After years of talking up your poker skills, it’s time to put your money where your kid’s mouth is. Baby needs to eat, true, but she also needs a new pair of shoes. Get your bet on at the casino (1 Seminole Way, Hollywood) or call 954-327-7625 for more information; for $10 off one tournament buy-in, go to
June 12-21, 2009


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