But is He For Princess Saving Reform?

Whether it’s tuning in for the Vice Presidential debates (which boasted the second-highest ratings for a presidential or VP debate in history) or registering to vote in mass numbers, more folks are eager to become a part of the political process in 2008 than ever before. Take Rey Gutierrez, for example. He’s the host of R3y’s Game Day, a weekly video gaming show that’s broadcast each Wednesday at 8 p.m. over justin.tv from his Miami home. The show started as a hobby for Gutierrez, a video producer who has worked for industry names like Rare and Microsoft. But now, he and his friends are leveraging their program to get out the vote.

Starting at noon today, Gutierrez and company will host Gaming for Obama, a five-day marathon event that aims to drum up support for their candidate of choice and to raise political awareness in general among the gamer community. Aside from broadcasting unfiltered for a full five days, the crew will get busy in games like Halo, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero, discuss politics will fellow players, and encourage gamers of all creeds to exercise their most sacred, democratic right on November 4.

But what issues are most important to gamers? “Net neutrality is a huge issue,” Gutierrez explains, referring to the regulation of internet traffic to and from certain sites. “The internet does need to become more structured in order to generate revenue, but removing neutrality is not the way to do that.”

Since R3y’s is filmed in Miami, local gamers are invited to come down and chat with the crew live — just send an email to r3yguti3rr3z@me.com for more info. Spectators looking to tune into the event or donate to their fundraising campaign can visit r3ysgameday.com. Finally, any gamers for McCain are encouraged to find R3y Guti3rr3z on Xbox Live before proceeding to frag away.
Oct. 20-25, noon, 2008

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