Carbonated Craft

Artist Francisco Sheuat has made a habit of saving what you might call junk and turning it into fine art — in the past, a little discarded Styrofoam in his hands might have become a vibrantly colored, 3-D flamingo. But with his latest exhibit, “Pop Art” Sheuat found inspiration in what some might call a bad habit. “I do drink a lot of Coca Cola,” Sheuat told New Times via telephone. “So I decided, since I had been working with recyclables already, to save the cans and use them to create my work.”

Sheuat, who also owns Art Expressions, the gallery “Pop Art” will showcase in, first used hundreds of Coca Cola cans to create a startling representation of a violin as part of a charity project for the Florida Youth Orchestra. The violin will showcase as part of the larger exhibition before it’s auctioned off. Beside it, you’ll find works like the aptly titled Hung Up On Coke, a colorful collage of cans that bubbles off the wall. Aside from his love for the infamous soda product, Sheuat also says he created the pieces with other motives in mind: “I was concerned about the environment. As much as I drink Coke, I never have enough cans. So I have people bringing me theirs. I feel like I’m doing my part.”

“Pop Art” runs through January 30 at Art Expressions Gallery (1438 NE 26 St., Wilton Manors). Admission is free. Visit A reception is being held on January 10.
Jan. 10-30, 2009

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