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Carnivorous Beasts Need Love Too

If your prevailing wisdom about sharks still stems from that bloodthirsty ´70s Spielberg number, here are some neat facts: odds actually favor death by falling coke machines and Buffalo wing bingeing before that of death by a Great Whites’ jaws. If you find that shocking, just think how much more you could learn from the new documentary Sharkwater. The film’s goal is to debunk those Jaws-induced myths so that you’ll go fearlessly back into SoFla’s briny depths. In it, daredevil filmmaker and shark do-gooder Rob Stewart dons a wetsuit and fights for shark sanctuaries. While we often think of humans as prey, Stewart knows that the opposite is true – shark numbers are in decline due to poachers, who crave nothing but the valuable fins. The International Fishing Hall of Fame (300 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach) knows a good cause, too: after Sharkwater’s screening today at 3:30 p.m., they’re treating visitors to an educational 3-D shark exhibit, a touch-screen shark tracker, a making-of, and a photo gallery to raise conservation awareness. Admission is free for 3-and-under, $5 to $6 for everyone else. Call 954-924-4370, or visit
Oct. 25-March 31, 3:30 p.m., 2007


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