Catcalls at Haute Hounds

Some holidays are easy to remember. After all, on Christmas, we get lavished with gifts. On New Year’s, we get showered in champagne, and on Valentine’s Day we get an overwhelming urge to wear black and curse in tongues at happy, loving couples… or we get chocolate. But then there are those true underdogs of the holiday calendar, those days that sit and stay patiently until given attention, like National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Kimberly Hall, owner of the Haute Hound, is leading this holiday into the limelight with a costumed canine fashion show. Humans, and the hounds who love them, are encouraged to comb their coats, polish their paws, and wag their tails down the ironically misnamed catwalk. What’s that, you say? You have no pooch to parade? The Haute Hound has your problem licked; the portable pet adoption bus will be on hand to introduce your new life’s love. All who participate in the day’s festivities win prizes and snacks, and the measly $5 donation goes directly to the Humane Society, so everybody wins. Mark your calendar, it’s only once a year we get to celebrate poodles in Prada, danes in Dolce and terriers in Tiaras.
Sat., Jan. 14, 5 p.m.

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