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Cheers to the New Haus

Scoff at a corporate coffee establishment, sure. Get the caffeine fix and move on, or, yeah, work in there -- it has the equivalent coldness of a cubicle, in a building one step up from a warehouse. Work in the new Undergrounds Coffeehaus (just moved) if you crave a little fun distraction and warmth. If you're in the Haus, working might be really hard on nights dedicated to board-game matches, stitching 'n' bitching, horror flicks, prom, and pirate parties. You're welcome to wear a damned costume any night you please there -- but nights at the Haus are normally themed. Hell, forget work. Play. It's a coffeehouse -- with tater tots. In its new location, it now has a smoking section, a craft area, an art gallery -- besides a place to drink your coffee. Events there are fun -- its first art show will be Saturday called "Pussy Galore: The Art of Meow." It's cat-themed -- we know you got that. Every art piece will be dedicated to the felines. The movies playing will all be cat-themed. You bet your ass balls of yarn will be present. And yes, you're supposed to dress the part: Draw on the whiskers; be the Cat Lady you always feared. Some artists include Katya Neptune, the lady behind ArtHeart; Lisa Perz, the one and only ComaGirl; New Times contributor Erin Hilburn; and Little Margarita, whose cat art is pictured, among others. The head lady of the Haus, the wonderfully spirited Aileen Liptak, asked for no pornographic art pieces, so if you're into kitty porn, keep on looking. There's never a cover at the Haus, but there are always raffles during such events. The new Haus has opened its doors at the Oakland Boulevard and North Federal Highway intersection at 3020 N. Federal Highway, Ste. 5A. Call 954-630-1900, or visit
Sat., Oct. 8, 9 p.m., 2011


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