Circle Your Fun Wagons

The last time the Miami Dolphins saw the Buffalo Bills, the Fins had just lost Chad Pennington for the year after his shoulder crumbled into a fine powder. They were forced to start Chad Henne sooner than expected and were sitting at an abysmal 0-3. All seemed bleak and hopeless. But every now and then, the Dolphins manage to kick bleak and hopeless in the gonads and pull out big “gut-check” wins like they did that week. Miami obliterated the Bills by 28 points, got great games from Henne, Vontae Davis, and Cameron Wake, who made his debut with a ballstastic 3-sack performance. Now, the Bills host the Fins this Sunday in frigid Buffalo. They’ll be seeking revenge, but they’ll only find pain.

Come watch the carnage while feasting on some Buffalo Shrimp at the Quarterdeck in Fort Lauderdale (2933 E. Las Olas Blvd.), as the Fins do the same against their old division rival. Kickoff is 1:00 pm. Call 954-525-2010 or visit
Sun., Nov. 29, 1 p.m., 2009

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