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Come On, Sis!

Part of responsible parenting means not playing favorites with your kids. Though, when one of ´em is the result of a romantic side project, there’s little chance of equal treatment. In the Chinese film Beauty Remains, Fei and Ying are two sisters whose recently deceased and incredibly wealthy father has left his entire fortune to Ying. But to get the goods, Ying needs Fei to sign the will, and to do that, she must convince the younger, poorer Fei, who was born out of wedlock, that it’s in her best interests. But then things get really sticky. Ying’s prospective groom-to-be, Huang, is every bit the philanderer her father was – and it’s not long before an emotional game of tug-of-war ensues. Beauty Remains is showing now through Sunday at Cinema Paradiso (1314 East Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale). Call 954-760-9898, or visit
Jan. 25-29


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