Crêpe Expectations

You're hopeless at wooing. Your last date was offended by your venue choice - even though Bow Hunter magazine assured you that chicks dig taxidermy. And the one before her? Remember? She had that great smile - until you took her to a dog fight. Don't worry, not everyone was born to be Romeo. You just need a little help from your friends (ahem, us).

Wednesday night, Cinema Paradiso is offering a true panty dampener of an evening in Cinema a la Mode. Beginning with happy hour, you and your dame will knock back two-for-one cocktails in CP's charming courtyard. Then, at 6 p.m., you'll arouse your appetites with a culinary demonstration as Chef Michelle educates the audience in the finer points of crepe-making. This benefits you two ways: One, all chicks love crepes - that's been proven through rigorous scientific testing. Two, it makes her think of staying for breakfast. Finally, the evening ends in a screening of the quirky, Johnny Depp romance, Chocolat. This date is like chastity's kryptonite, so go out and conquer.

Cinema Paradiso is located at 503 SE Sixth St. in Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $9. Call 954-525-FILM, or visit
Wed., July 1, 6 p.m., 2009

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