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“Crank Calling, Yaaaaayy!!”

Jim Florentine is what you might call an OG crank caller. Aside from voicing the characters Bobby Fletcher and the completely obnoxious Special Ed on Comedy Central’s now-defunct Crank Yankers, the New Jersey born funny man has released four (count ’em, four) comedy CDs of him goofing on telemarketers. Florentine’s so rabid about crank calls he actually gives out his phone number via an audio message on his MySpace (although a special one just for fans) that prompts visitors to call and prank him. Talk about obsessed. Still, it can’t be a bad thing that Jimbo’s found his niche; he was invited to perform for our troops in Afghanistan this year and is now touring comedy clubs across the U.S. Hear him go off the hook Thursday through Sunday at the Improv (5700 Seminole Way, Fort Lauderdale). Tickets cost $16. Visit
Aug. 28-31, 2008


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