Dada Becomes a Pre-Teen

Some people celebrate their birthday with cake. Some people celebrate with presents. And some people even party with strippers. But only one antiques home turned eccentric restaurant celebrates in style.

That’s right, DaDa in Delray Beach is turning 10! And in honor of the big 1-0 the restaurant with a homely porch is shutting down the entire block, cranking up the volume, and boozing it up.

Get drunk off of free Svedka cocktails (because what else do you really need). After you’re good and tipsy watch local bands Spam Allstars, Fusik, and Poppa E and the E Band thrash around in the corner of the house, also known as the stage.

Once you’ve drank and danced to your heart’s desire, stop and grab a bite from the barbeque that DaDa has promised. The fun starts at 8 p.m. and will continue for six hours (like any good party should).
Sat., Sept. 4, 2010

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