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Dance With the Devil

Sensitive souls have always perceived a whiff of diabolism around music and the fine arts. Gregorian chant was, for a time, actually banned by Pope Gregory on account of its devilish beauty; Paganini and Robert Johnson are rumored to have traded their souls for virtuosity. Among many animists and their desert-dwelling descendents, portraiture is likened to witchcraft and heresy. And so there is something historically consonant about Saturday's dark revels at Swarm 666 (Swarm Warehouse, 500 SW 21st Terrace, Fort Lauderdale.) At least 21 artists shall exhibit 666-themed art, and revelers shall boogie to the damnable strains of Astronautalis, Astrea Corp, the Goddamn Hustle, and Rickolus. Proceedings begin at 9 p.m., entry is free, and so, incredibly, is the beer. Visit Swarm 666 on Facebook for all the dark deets.
Sat., Oct. 29, 2011


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