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Decisions, Decisions

Besides sounding retro, naming your band after the Great Format War of the 1980s has got to have some relevance. As Americans, we feel the need to make definitive choices everyday. The winner of these decisions will become absolute, while the loser will become completely forgotten in a few years.

VHS or BETA have made a few decisions of their own. The Louisville, Kentucky, band started with noise punk, then shifted to French inspired dance rock, and it has now once again changed its style again. On the band’s new record Bring on the Comets, Zeke Buck (vocals, guitar) and the band have their heart set on Duran

Duran-influenced indie pop. It’s nice to see a band evolve so much, but how many more changes can they go through? More importantly, how many changes are the existing fans willing to withstand before VHS or BETA become just as obsolete as the formats they’re titled after? Find out what music genre wins when they play the Culture Room (3045 N Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale) this Friday at 8 p.m. Tickets cost $12. Visit
Fri., April 18, 2008


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