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Oil painting is as an instantaneous art form – it’s as immediate as the stroke of a brush. Maybe that’s why so many Western artists prefer it to the more drawn-out process of printmaking. But in Japan, artists like Katsunori Hamanishi, Susumu Endo, and Yoshikatsu Tamekane embrace printmaking’s Zen-like methods. Patience has its own rewards… and so does good artistry, as “Contemporary Japanese Printmaking” makes abundantly obvious. Featuring the three aforementioned artists, the exhibit showcases their works in woodblock, mezzotint, and lithography; it’s a mix of meticulous craftsmanship and fine art. And, of course, Zen. The exhibit is open now through May 6 at the Williams Gallery (7150 Stirling Rd., Davie). Call 954-442-1551.
Mon., April 10

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