Dickin' Around

Dick does his schtick

"Everybody hits on me," declares Maureen "Mo" Fischer, the pretty bisexual woman behind the brazen, blue-eyed drag king Mo B. Dick. "Everyone from gay men to bisexual men to straight women to, of course, lesbians,"

But let Fischer switch into full Dick mode and things get raunchy. "I'm not homosexual, but I get my dick sucked by everybody." the king brags. "I like the girls with big tits, preferably the blond helium heels."

Helium heels?


The studs of Club Casanova

Sea Monster, 2 S. New River Dr., Fort Lauderdale

9 p.m. Saturday, November 23. Admission is $7. Call 954-463-4641.

"You know, girls who keep their legs up all the time."

The character Mo B. Dick began as a comic response to the chauvinism and misogyny Fischer has encountered while living and dating in New York City. "Basically, my motto has always been, 'Instead of being an angry woman, I've become a funny man,'" Fischer explains. "There are really gross guys out there, and they're not going away. So I'm trying to turn it around and have fun with it."

In 1995, Fischer launched Club Casanova, New York's biggest and best drag-king party to date. Since then, she has single-Dickedly elevated the visibility of women who dress in drag, appearing in John Waters' 1998 film Pecker, MTV's Sex 2K documentary on drag kings, and HBO's Sex and the City. She's also taken the man show on tour, first in 1998 and again this year, alongside heifer-roping cowboy Cody Pendant; spikey-haired, sideburned Dante DiFranco; and eager-to-please Miss Jonona (Dick's fiancée).

Though drag kings are more satirical than their sisters in drag, the Club Casanova tour thrives on the same vaudevillian camp gusto made famous by men in heels.

"It's like a cabaret. We have a whole melange: live singing, lip-synching, stripping, and some standup," describes Fischer, who then gives the last word to her alter ego, "It's a little sumphin', sumphin' for everybody," grunts the king of kings. "A little bit of tits, a little bit of ass, and a whole lotta Dick."

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