Dizzy Yet?

Ten minutes into Cirque du Soleil’s Delirium, you may find yourself wondering if someone slipped you a mickey or you’re developing an ear infection. But then you look around and notice everyone else is in the same boat. Then it hits you: Duh! It’s the show that’s causing all this sensory malfunction. With 18 multimedia projections and nearly four dozen dancers, singers, acrobats, and actors on a 130-foot long stage, Delirium is likely to live up to its name. But for all its equilibrium-challenging high jinks, the show’s theme is quite the opposite; it’s about finding balance in a world that’s out of whack. It only seems disorienting for those accustomed to performances being only dance, theatre, or multimedia, not all of the above. This is about integration – unity. Delirium creators Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon delight in mixing the areas of modern dance, theatre, and acrobatics and backing it all up with what they call “urban tribal beats.” It’s the type of groove-colored fantasy world Madonna probably dreams about. Performances of Delirium take place Friday through Sunday at the BankAtlantic Center (1 Panther Pkwy., Sunrise). Tickets cost $71.75 to $127.25. Call 954-523-3309, or visit www.livenation.com.
April 21-23

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