Do the Running Man (or Walking Man)

These are the perfect days. The ones that soften you, make you appreciate everything you have at this precise moment – especially when you’re watching the national weather report (ha ha, Connecticut!). So what are you doing, sitting there on your couch? Go out and enjoy them!

Today, you even have an excuse! It’s the Ninth Annual Inspiration 5K Run and Fitness Walk for Special Olympics, and the path winds through the lovely Miami neighborhood of Pinecrest. Just make a tiny donation ($25 on race day, to be precise), and you can spend your morning strolling or (shudder) running, through a peaceful place while simultaneously helping out one hell of a charity. (Little known fact: to date, this fundraising walk/run has raised nearly $100,000 for the organization.) So tug your laces, dig in your wallet, and join the throngs of do-gooders for this perfect day. Visit for advanced registration.
Sun., Jan. 20, 2008


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