Don’t Just Stand There, Bust a Groove

If you’re like most people, “Groovin’” gets bumped from your daily to-do list for more pressing schedule conflicts, like school and work. Without having an allotted time, “Groovin’” gets smashed into little more than a communal mid-shift toke break with the guys from the graphics department. But for Wilmington, North Carolina, keyboard and drums duo Eymarel, the soul-satisfying act of groovin’ is an everyday occurrence. In fact, it’s even a requirement, as the title of their latest CD Groovin’ a Little Each Day shows. Synthesizing elements of old soul, funk, electro, jazz and anything else with a beat, Eymarel fits in with local acts like DJ le Spam and the Spam Allstars – who, coincidentally, Eymarel has worked with. Get in a daily dose of groove with a free, 9 p.m. Eymarel show at Bamboo Room (25 South J. Street, Lake Worth). Call 561-585-2583, or visit
Wed., Nov. 7, 9 p.m., 2007

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