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(Don’t) OBEY

Sex, drugs, and politics are the three taboos polite folk avoid. Artists, on the other hand, mustn’t be terribly concerned with social agendas, considering that they’ve traditionally tapped those very topics to produce great works. During an election cycle, we see an added injection of politics in subversive art. From Shepard Fairey’s now-famous Obama poster, to the stenciled, anti-government graffiti that’s flourishing across Broward County — it’s safe to say the art world is hanging on this election’s results with baited breath and brushes in hand.

Bear and Bird’s Amanda Magnetta has noticed as well. She’s decided to open up her gallery space/boutique as an open forum for inventive, political works. The result is “Viva la Propaganda,” a local art show focusing on all elements of politics, from discord to harmony. Mediums range from acrylics to cartoons. In fact, Stephanie McMillan, author of the graphic novel As the World Burns: Fifty Simple Things You Can Do to Stay in Denial, will be on hand to present her latest colorful takes on challenging the status quo, along with more than 75 other local artists. Catch it all tonight during the opening party for “Viva la Propaganda” from 7 to 10 p.m. at Bear and Bird (4566 N. University Dr., Lauderhill; upstairs inside Tate’s Comics). There’ll be free beer, hot dogs, cookies, and music. Call 954-748-0181, or visit
Oct. 18-Nov. 22, 2008


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