Down in the Islands

The past five centuries have been a roller coaster ride for Caribbean countries – slavery, British imperialism, U.S. imperialism, wars of independence and emancipation, and all that fun stuff. But unless the History Channel airs a History’s Mysteries episode on a long lost slave colony, your best bet for an artful, educational look at the region is the exhibit “Caribbean Collage.” Straight from the University of Florida’s George A. Smathers Libraries, the collage is just that, featuring photographs, drawings, diaries, and other documents from the British West Indies, Haiti, and Cuba. It ’s full of politics, business, and even a little vodou. “Caribbean Collage” is on display now through June 4 at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida (101 W. Flagler St., Miami). Call 305-375-1657, or visit
March 24-June 4

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