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Drawing Outside of Party Lines

This election cycle has been particularly “big top” in execution. From moose burgers to knuckle bumps, it seems that inconsequential data is chomping up most of the media waves, while genuine issues get buried in less sexy plutocracy. That’s why the world needs cartoonist Jim Morin.

For the last 30 years Morin’s sketches have lived inside the pages of The Miami Herald. Five days a week, the Pulitzer-prize-winning cartoonist calls others’ bullshit with clever and humorous depictions of snaking unemployment lines, housing slumps, and the jockeying of egos in the upcoming elections.

In “Art of Politics: Drawings & Paintings” at Coral Springs Museum of Art (2855 Coral Springs Dr., Coral Springs) selections from Morin’s career will be shown. The show runs through November 15th but today is free admission day. Call 954-340-5000, or visit
Sept. 24-Nov. 15, 2008


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