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Earthly Girls Are Easy

Our best guess as to why we have a giant chip on our shoulder is that we were a virgin thrown into a volcano in a past life. We must still hold a grudge, because that’s the last time we sacrificed our comfort for Mother Earth. These days, we can barely muster the energy to recycle our yogurt containers, let alone to bring our freaking reusable shopping bags to Publix. And while there’s a big difference between laziness and aggressive ill-will toward nature, the consequences are the same: polluted waterways, overflowing landfills, angry Al Gores.

Absolve yourself from all green-hued sins this Sunday at “EarthFest 2011.” Your pittance involves learning how to compost with worms, how to ferment your own food, and why good food is the best universal health care. Bring any electronics that need recycling as well as your yoga mat. Your absolution will be scored by the mood-altering sounds of local bands such as Felicia Rose, Sky Door 34, Franklyn’s Wheel, Jahfe, and Agape. EarthFest 2011 takes over Crandon Park (6767 Crandon Blvd., Key Biscayne) from noon until sundown. Admission is free. Call 305-323-8858, or visit
Sun., April 17, noon, 2011


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