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Enter the Bronze Age

Good news for anatomy-lovers: You’ve spent your fair share of time in the sand, studying the bikini-clad human body. Now it’s time to shun those UV rays and ogle bods in a more socially acceptable way, because 73 bronze sculptures by Edgar Degas have popped up in Boca Raton. These sculptures depict people frozen mid-dance, mid-stretch, and even mid-bath — tempted yet?

Poor Ed Degas died in 1917 — before many of his sculptures were even cast in bronze. He never got to see his creations in all their heavy metal glory, but you can!

“This is an exhibition of exhilarating beauty,” says April Hall of the Boca Raton Museum of Art. “Degas made these molds to study the human body.” And what better way to expand your artistic horizons? The beach will always have bikinis, but “Degas in Bronze: The Complete Sculptures” only runs through April 27. Admission costs $6 to $20. Visit
Feb. 1-April 27, 2008


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