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Even Better Than the Real Thing

Tickets for Thursday’s Rod Stewart concert will cost you: your first born (male only), your soul (if the devil doesn’t already have a lean against it), or 100 to 300 bucks (if those are even still available). And with all that you’re still confined to a stadium chair – so you might be surrounded by fuddy duddies who get angry when you try and dance.

You’re much too smart to buy into that environment, especially when your favorite tribute artist, Hot Rod, is playing only a couple doors away at Murphy’s Law Irish Pub (in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, One Seminole Way, Hollywood). You only think you’ve seen Hot Rod at his best: one-handed push-ups on bar tables? No problem. Luring ladies into his Rodness with the hypnotic stylings of his jazz flute, like a Pied Piper of classic rock? Sure. Chugging chardonnay like a marathon runner chugs Gatorade? Yeah, he does that. But this Thursday will be a special night for any Stewart/Hot Rod fan, because in addition to playing only a few hundred yards away from Real Rod, it’s also Hot Rod’s birthday. Unless the world implodes from all of that awesomeness, there’s no reason for you to miss tonight’s Hot Rod show/spectacular. Call 954-791-4782.
Thu., Jan. 31, 2008


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