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Follow the Art, Then the Music

In its ninth year, the annual art scavenger hunt is organized by local artist Stephen Sticht and invites the public to search the downtown area for free works by artists such as Skot Olsen, Coma Girl, and Francesco LoCastro, to name a few. This year's event is dedicated to late local artist Peter Giovenco, who died in August after a battle with brain cancer.

The hunt starts at Maguire's Hill 16 at 8 p.m. There is a limit of two works per person, and participants will receive a map to help them find the pieces. The Bubble will host the afterparty, where artists will be waiting to sign their work. Various bands like quirky folk duo Raffa and Rainer and Mr. Entertainment and the Pookiesmackers will perform.

For those unfamiliar with one of South Florida's best acts, Raffa and Rainer possesses the calm beauty of a flower that's just emerged in the morning dew: uncluttered, naturally charming, and authentic. The sweet Raffa Jo Harris floats her jazzy vocals over understated acoustic guitars (her own and her partner Rainer Davies'), betraying idiosyncrasies that befit the conclusion of a Wes Anderson film, when the messiness has been cleaned up and the emotional bruises are healing. The group's lyrics traverse the moors of hopeful unlove as in "Preventative Heartache," love potential as in "Black Night," or disappearing from sight as in "Highheeled Shoes."

Hollywood band Mr. Entertainment and the Pookiesmackers have remained a recognizable presence on South Florida's music scene for over a decade. They've released four records, the most recent of which is ¡Socialismo Americano!, released this week. The track "Center of the Universe" sounds almost like a slowed-down "Back in the U.S.S.R." (which makes sense considering their album cover is an obvious homage to Sgt. Pepper's) infused with Pink Floyd psychedelia. It's epic yet palatable and poppy. Gritty at times, but with synths floating above, softening the rock. The song will stick in your head for days. Another, "The Looker," spins psychedelic with touches of classic rock, alternative, hints of Latin rhythms, and vocals that breeze more like an endearing wise guy than growl with angst or soar with ostentation. The song is fun and memorable. Think a more danceable, mainstream Ween or a much cooler, more appealing, eerier, (dare I say smoother?) Rob Thomas during his Santana-collaboration era.
Sat., Nov. 28, 8 p.m., 2009


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