Food For Thoughtfulness

Dad's day can be tricky. Just like there are cliched gifts for Mother's Day, during Father's Day, the sales of ties, ever-larger Swiss Army Knives, and whatever gadgets make watching sports a more comfortable, bone-atrophying experience go through the roof. Another holiday staple is the Father's Day dinner. But considering dinners help people make up for lost time due to a busy work week, it's the one conventional Father's Day gift that should be given every year. It can't just be any old restaurant, though. We suggest BRIO Tuscan Grille, a BRAVO | BRIO Restaurant Group concept. The restaurant is adding some new creations to the menu just in time for the big day, such as fire-roasted tomato and chicken risotto with toasted garlic, grilled asparagus, and Reggiano cheese. Or chow down on the new Fettuccine Verduta that weds grilled chicken, shitake mushrooms, vegetables and roasted garlic pesto in Parmesan white wine cream sauce. Brio will open early for Father's Day brunch this year. If you can't make it on Sunday, grab a gift certificate. Sure, gift certificates seem to lack thoughtfulness, but when it comes to good food, it doesn't matter how it's packaged.
Sun., June 21, 10 a.m., 2009

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