For the Babies of the Baby Boomers

Finally a music festival aimed at generations X and Y. The good folks at New Times' favorite music venue, The Talent Farm (20911 Johnson Street, Pembroke Pines), are eschewing the Greatest Generation and The Baby Boomers in favor of the loud, screeching rock and roll the kids listen to these days. The X&Y Fest will feature ten bands from each generation such as Fancy Me Yet, Crudbot, and the awesomely named The Rock Music Band. They will compete for a share of the $1000 prize, which will be awarded based on audience votes. To keep things from getting too confusing, the festival is split into two days: Generation X bands perform on Saturday and Gen Y cleans up on Sunday. While the votes are being counted, Kill Miss Pretty and New City Lions, the elected representatives of generations X and Y respectively, will provide a template for the rest of the bands to aspire to. Tickets are $12 a day and are available online at Call 954-438-3488, or visit
Sat., Sept. 26, 2 p.m., 2009


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