Fort Slaughterdale

It may pain our vegetarian friends to learn that during the early 20th Century, a slaughterhouse stood where many of them gather to schmooze on Thursday nights. Sorry, leafy ones, to report: Animal blood soaked the floor of the structure that now houses nightlife hot spots Green Room and Revolution. In fact, the drain for the blood still sits underneath the Revolution stage!

But there is a silver lining. It's Halloween weekend, and what could set the mood better than dancing above the souls of the dead? It is in this spirit that we compel you to attend "Slaughterhouse on 2nd," the Green Room event taking place Thursday through Saturday.

Inspired by the building's past, those behind Green Room's "Digital Love Thursday" took liberties with the club's story for the holiday, detailing a fictional narrative (...or is it?) on the event's Facebook page. Beware the ire of Meat Hook, the author warns. The long-unemployed butcher from old-town Fort Lauderdale is back and out for the blood of college-aged, bespectacled tattoo enthusiasts. Your options? Hide out with friends by the bar upstairs, or let the music and animal spirits possess you on the dance floor. Meat Hook (who also goes by Leroy) will, after all, be too old to climb the stairs and way too senile to knife you during your dance rituals over the pet cemetery.

Thursday and Saturday include sets by DJs Sweetswirl and Mig, who will sprinkle ghoul-themed tracks throughout the night's typical roster of rock, electro, and indie pop. Also, Climb the Bell Tower will perform Thursday to coincide with its CD release. If you stick around for the rest of the weekend, the club transforms into a haunted house for Black Friday and will host performances by Rebel and burlesque troupe Reckless Dames on Saturday. Doors open at 10 p.m. Thursday at Green Room (100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale). Admission is free. Visit
Thu., Oct. 27, 10 p.m., 2011

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Green Room

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