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Some decisions are best made impulsively, like: Which ice cream flavor combination creates the best Sundae? (Answer: chocolate and marshmallow.) Or, which color glitter paint gives my Hyundai the most street cred? (Answer: gold.) And even, should I dress my cats up for special events? (Answer: always.)

And then there are bigger, meatier decisions. Important choices where you hope time is a non-issue — like if you’re on trial for your life. Such is the central theme of 12, the latest Oscar-nominated work by director Nikita Mikhalkov to show at the Lake Worth Playhouse. Taking place in modern Moscow, one orphaned Chechen youth sits in his cell, waiting for a jury to deliberate on his role in his step-father’s death. In this modern take on 12 Angry Men, all but one juror are prepared to wrap it up, declare the boy guilty, and get back to their lives and lunches. It’s the job of that one dissenting opinion to turn the others and give value to the defendant’s life simply by taking the time to discuss it.

The Lake Worth Playhouse is located at 709 Lake Ave. in Lake Worth. Tickets range $5 to $6 for this 1 p.m. matinee. Call 561-586-6410, or visit
June 19-25, 2009

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