Garage Rock A-Go Go!

Do you like a little jangle with your reverb? Test drive the collection of work by low-fi femmes the Vivian Girls. Balancing between gritty and pretty, this trio channels the gymnasium echoes of ‘60s girl groups (sans the hand claps), with equal parts Wipers, and adds just a dash of Sonics. The result? An enjoyable, if not a bit redundant, sound that has skyrocketed the band of Brooklyn darlings into the realm of indie celebrity.

Since forming only two years ago, Vivian Girls have popped out two albums, opened for Sonic Youth, and modeled Nancy Drew-inspired fashions for Bust. Original pressings of the group’s first LP, Vivian Girls — later re-released on In The Red after a stunning ten day sell out — now rakes in a 700% mark up for lucky holders. Touring in support of their second album, Everything Goes Wrong, the Vivs are swinging by Propaganda (6 South J St., Lake Worth) this Wednesday to share a stage with fellow Brooklynites Hooray for Goodbye, and local sweethearts, Pretty Please. Tickets are only $10. Buy ‘em at
Wed., Oct. 21, 10 p.m., 2009

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