Gator Done

Bob likes dressing up in his Halloween costume — a gator this year — and reaping the benefits of a good friggin’ deal. Lucky for Bob, during the whole month of October, Billie Swamp Safari offers a 50 percent promotional discount on the Swamp Buggy Eco-Tour to anyone sporting a Halloween costume. And even more than bargains, Bob likes hangin’ out in the swamp. The Seminoles at the Big Cypress Reservation work hard to preserve their land and keep the Everglades pure. And what's there to explore? A mighty fine ecosystem of unadulterated earth and wild things like snakes and southern razorback hogs. After the tour, Gator Bob enjoys a good, replenishing breeze. So here he goes, zoomin’ in an airboat through the murky, muddy waters of the Glades, his eyes sparklin’ in between the gator jaw opening of his alligator hood. Also on tap daily is a snake/alligator/swamp critter show, which costs $4 for kids, $8 for adults. The swamp buggy eco-tour — without costume — costs $15 for children, $23 to $25 for adults. Airboat rides cost $15. Call 800-GO-SAFARI, or visit
Oct. 1-31, 10 a.m., 2009

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