Geometry: It’s Not Just for Playing Pool

When you sat in high school math class trying to distinguish the characteristics of an obtuse versus an acute angle, you may not have felt very inspired. It’s a sad reality that the average day-to-day use of this skill consists of shooting billiards within a drunken haze at a smoke-filled pool hall. Yet contrary to popular belief, geometry is not useless. (And let’s face it, it’s way cooler than algebra.)

Need proof? Look to Delray Beach artist Stanford Slutsky. Slutsky creates illusion and depth through the use of geometric shapes and eye-pleasing primary colors. He’ll be bringing his expansive collection of three-dimensional works to Coral Springs with the new exhibit “The Shape of Things,” which opens September 10. As Slutsky’s images pop right off the canvas, you’ll begin to finally appreciate why geometry was such an important chapter in most mathematics textbooks.

"The Shape of Things" is expanding minds from the 10th of this month until the 12th of December. Find the Coral Springs Museum of Art at 2855 Coral Springs Dr. in Coral Springs. Call 954-340-5000, or visit for more details.
Sept. 14-Dec. 12, 10 a.m., 2009

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