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Get Up, Stand Up

Miami’s oldest bar, Tobacco Road, will team up with Ploppy Palace Productions to advance the cause of one of humanity’s oldest medicinal herbs. Marijuana — that ever-controversial weed that’s done nothing bad but inspire interesting musical arrangements, food concoctions, and sleep — has been getting a lot of attention lately as President Obama has scaled back raids and seizures of the plant and as its legal status is on the ballot in state after state. Fourteen states now allow the use of medicinal marijuana — though not Florida. But Saturday’s event, the 12th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert, intends to raise funds and awareness and get the cause on the ballot here. For that to happen, about 700,000 registered voters are needed to sign a petition. To motivate South Floridians to support patients’ rights, Tobacco Road (626 S. Miami Ave., Miami) will host an all-day event that will feature more than 24 bands, including longtime Florida singer/songwriter Val C. Wisecracker, reggae artist Johnny Dread, and rock outfit Bitchfire. Admission costs $12, and doors open at 4 p.m. Only those 21 and up can attend. Call 305-374-1198, or visit
Sat., Jan. 16, 4 p.m., 2010


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