Give Ben Stein Money

Many recognize Ben Stein as simply “that really smart, funny guy who pairs tennis shoes with suits on television,” without crediting his vehement work as a writer and analyst. A former speech writer for Nixon (Stein is quick to point out that he didn’t pen “I am not a crook.”), lecturer, educator, as well as author of books, screenplays, and loads of economic commentary, Stein uses historical references and a big-picture view to illustrate what’s valuable and disposable in this world. His rare ability to see beauty in ugliness and lunacy in gross excess has made him a respected figure across political party lines. He believes in a silver lining surrounding any recession; that if our government continues conducting business as it does that we should all familiarize ourselves with the fall of Rome; and most importantly, that love and humanity are both rooted in helping those who have the fewest resources.

The last of those is why Stein is the perfect keynote speaker for tonight’s ORT America Annual Dinner. Among the organization’s many goals funds raised go to provide educational programs for impoverished communities in Latin America and Israel. You can take part in the dinner or the full two-day affair (it offers a lot of useful lectures) by calling 1-800-519-2678, or by registering online at And, you know, you might be able to make him say “Bue—ller!
Sun., March 9, 2008

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