Gore Hounds Unite!

Horrorphiles are a tough crowd to please if only for one reason: With each gruesome, gore-caked flick they witness, the ante for the next is upped tenfold. So if you see a film with on-screen dismemberment this week, the next better linger on the gushing limb at least five seconds longer. It’s the philosophy that’s made the Japanese horror maestros like Takashi Miike so successful, and it’s also the draw of the yearly exposition, HorrorFest. The two-week-long national festival promises “8 films to die for” – in other words, movies so scream-inducing and brutal that you’ll need a jolt from a defibrillator to peel you out of your seat. The films, including the highly praised thriller, Borderland, are showing grindhouse-style (read: back-to-back, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights) at Muvico Paradise 24 (15599 Sheridan St., Davie) and Pompano 18 (2315 Federal Hwy., Pompano Beach). Visit www.horrorfestonline.com
Nov. 9-18, 2007

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