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Guys and Molls

There was a time when gambling evoked more than the image of little blue-haired ladies hunched over slot machines engulfed in the clouds of their chain-smoked companions. A time when being underground really meant something, like knowing where all the good bars were, especially the ones that actually served alcohol. You can relive those days of luscious dames and dapper gentlemen at 9 p.m. Saturday at “Speak Easy Night” at Mickey Byrne.

Here, pit bosses will prowl the roulette and blackjack tables, so don’t get sneaky. A $20 admission ($10 for you early birds who make it before 9) gets you gaming chips. Don your old Halloween flapper costume, because prizes will be handed out to the best dressed. Although the dressing-up part is just for fun, you can rest assured that the liquor is real. Drink specials will be served throughout the night, along with bathtub gin to give you that authentic speakeasy flavor. All proceeds and donations benefit the event hosts, the Ann Storck Foundation, a local nonprofit assisting the needs of children with disabilities, so bring your vintage swagger over to Mickey Byrne’s Irish Pub in downtown Hollywood at 1921 Hollywood Blvd. RSVP on the Facebook event to get passwords for extra chips:
Sat., June 5, 9 p.m., 2010


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