Halfway Drunk

What is it with holidays in America? Retail stores begin pimping for Christmas in August, Fourth of July fireworks go on sale in April, and some parents have taken to hiding Easter eggs in February (yuck). Yes, the slow, persistent holiday creep is so all-encompassing that even bars have gotten in on the deal -- their most cherished national holiday, St. Patrick's Day, is now celebrated twice per year instead of just in March, as God (and a certain Saint Patrick) so obviously intended.

Let's say you want to start off at one bar before heading to another -- without the possibility of a DUI, that is. Then head to Seminole Paradise on Friday, where the "Halfway to St. Paddy's Day Pub Crawl" will be in full effect. For the low, low price of $15 ($20 day of sale), you'll receive one free drink at participating restaurants and bars around the complex. An afterparty at Pangaea will rage until the wee hours, and appetizers will be served as well. Proceeds benefit the Covenant House. Find out more at youngpros.net. Or check the event e-vite on Facebook.
Fri., Sept. 16, 6 p.m., 2011

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