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Happy Hour at Boo Rileys

This flat-roofed building with the large A-frame on top (the better to hold the Hurricanes and Steelers mural) seems to change names on a regular basis (River Rock Café, Durty Nellie's, Shuck's, Darryl's, et al.). For now, it's settled on Boo Rileys. The décor has changed slightly, but the setting hasn't. You still have the option of sitting at the large central bar, a table in the side room, out front on the covered patio facing North Federal Highway, or out back on the dock facing Middle River. Flat screens are located everywhere but the dock, which has its own flat screen of sorts.

For a space that's always changing names and owners, it somehow manages, with each iteration, to provide a relaxed and intimate vibe. The place must have a good kitchen, because the food is always well-prepared no matter who's running it, whether they're going for straight bar food or something more. It's a true neighborhood bar in that sense. You wouldn't drive out of your way to go here, but it's good if you live in the area and want someplace laid-back to meet up with friends, grab a drink, and possibly eat some food. It just might have a different name the next time you all meet up.
Starts: Jan. 25. Daily, 4-8 p.m., 2011


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