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Have Band, Will Travel

Some bands don't like to travel far to play shows, much less to hold band practice. Even the hour-and-a-half trek from Miami to West Palm Beach is often more of a pain than it's worth. But for some bands, no distance is too far; their love of making music far outstretches the miles separating band members. One of the more extreme testaments to the possibility of maintaining a long-distance relationship is Remember the Ocean, whose Coral Springs base is no deterrent for vocalist and Tennessee resident Kristin Larkin.

Guitarist Earl Coralluzzo met Larkin eight years ago at New World Café in Coral Springs, where Larkin, then a Coral Springs resident, was performing on open-mic night. The two began writing songs together acoustically before Larkin moved out of state. But that didn't stop them from making music. In fact, the opposite occurred, as a trip back to Florida resulted in Larkin's getting together with Coralluzzo and forming Remember the Ocean, which is about to release its second CD, Tomorrow After Dark. While Coralluzzo plans eventually to move to Tennessee, for now, the band is happy to perform when it can.

Coralluzzo cites a variety of influences for his and Larkin's songwriting, including Pete Yorn, the Sundays, Innocence Mission, Death Cab for Cutie, and the Cure. And as far as the band's image goes, Coralluzzo notes that it really doesn't have one; it is more concerned with writing songs that speak to the audience. "We write music for ourselves, hopefully to reach other people," he says. "If it moves us, hopefully it will move someone else."


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