Hollywood and Vine

Hollywood has turned over a new leaf. It has transcended its former status as a seasonal nest for blue-haired snowbirds to become a charming hang for young locals. The twenty-something infusion could be due to the town’s less expensive housing, easy access to Miami and Broward, or the influx of popular businesses like Hollywood Vine (2035 Harrison St, Hollywood), which hosts free, weekly wine shindigs every Tuesday night. The sampling night has become a wildly successful staple in the town and always packs a fun crowd, especially for an otherwise drab Tuesday. “A bad night is about 50 people,” said Vine’s co-owner Steven Krakow, “but on a number of occasions we hit around 100.” With the obvious lure of free booze aside, why is everyone squeezing into the Vine? “Well, it’s very laid back and we serve all of the wines that we [taste] by the glass, so they can sit down, relax, and drink” suggests Krakow. Sounds plausible, but another reason could be because of all the how-we-met stories that start with: “Well, it’s cute really! We both happened to attend the same weekly wine tasting at this adorable little nook in Hollywood…” Sound so much better than: “Well, it’s cute really! It was Body Shots Night on the beach and I was wasted…” Call 954-922-2910.
Tuesdays, 2006

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