Hoosier Punks

It’s an accepted rule of live performance: Don’t wear-out your welcome; always leave the audience hungry for more. But in the case of Midwestern punk legends the Zero Boys, that credo defined the band’s recorded legacy. One EP (1980’s Livin’ in the ´80s) and one full-length (1982’s Vicious Circle) was all it took to earn the Indianapolis quartet cult status despite having disbanded less than a year after its release. However, after numerous reissues and posthumous compilation tracks (most notably, 1989’s Killed By Death #4), the 1990s saw a newly reformed Zero Boys – one that wasted no time recording two new albums, Make It Stop and Heimlich Maneuver.

Despite being born under a hardcore sign -- by 1979, the mid-tempoed Dead Boys were out, the break-neck Dead Kennedys were in -- the Zero Boys gave a heavy nod to roots-based bands like the Dolls and the Dictators. But after a couple of years of life in the ´80s, the Zero Boys upped the tempo for Vicious Circle, an album that might have been relegated to the dollar bin of history were it not for the band re-forming by decade’s end. Now the Boys are back, and living in the Midwest is no longer an obstacle – it’s living in the ´00s that’s the challenge.

The Zero Boys drop by Saturday to Sonny's Stardust Lounge (5181 Powerline Rd., Fort Lauderdale). Opening are Malt Liquor Riot, Die Stinkin', Ate Away, and F. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission costs $10. Call 954-776-6082, or visit www.lowfidelityevents.com.
Sat., April 29

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