How Alligator Alley is Saving the Planet, One Drunken Set List at a Time

Do you know what fish really, really hate? Raw effluent! Yes! And do you know what Phish really, really hate? Again: raw effluent!

Yessir — no man or beast likes swimming with the floaters, and Alligator Alley understands this well. Which is why their Tuesdays are now given over to the “Reeffest” concert series, part of an ongoing international effort to save the planet’s reefs from the cosmic shitfactory that is humanity. And what’s at issue is more than our bowels: as program manager Dr. Jim Hendee recently explained, reefs around the world are also extremely nervous about the reef-bleaching effects of global warming, the over-fishing of algae-grazers, callously-dropped anchors, and a lot of other things. You’re beginning to understand why the Reeffest people are using music to stir up awareness and cash, eh? Most people have never seen a reef, but everybody likes music.

The Tuesday concerts at the Alley (1321 Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale) are part of a slow build-up to the huge fundraiser that is Reeffest proper, which will happen at the Nova campus in July. ´Til then, swing on by the Alley, give a donation, mow one of Alley-owner/Reeffest organizer Carl “Kilmo” Pacillo’s mind-boggling alligator po’ boys (and mind-melting “Fin du Monde” beers — 9% alcohol!), and check for developments on the Reeffest and Alligator Alley websites ( and, respectively). As of this writing, there’s no word on what band will be performing this Tuesday. Phish? Probably not. But you never know.
Tuesdays, 2008

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