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Hump Day’s Shakin’

The Poplife DJs might have moved their party out of I/O (30 NE 14th St., Miami), but that doesn’t mean that crowd has abandoned 14th Street altogether. Right next door is PS14 (28 NE 14 St., Miami), where the throbbing throngs get their groove on for Vibrator Wednesdays. While house DJs CNTRL, Homewrecker, Margot, and Saul D spin their assorted flavors of rock, electro, hip-hop, and soul, each week has something different, from live bands to art exhibits to special theme nights. This Wednesday’s for ravers, and it’s all about the P.L.U.R., baby (that’s raver for peace, love, unity, and respect). Special guest DJ Dystopia takes the helm to serve up some drum ´n’ bass, jungle, and assorted breaks that’ll cause certain body parts to pulsate (that’s feet we’re talking about, you pervert). Admission is free. Call 305-358-3600, or visit
Wednesdays, 2006


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