Hungry (to Party) Like the Wolf

All we know, for certain, about Laser Wolf Productions is what the world wide web tells us: that it’s an intergalactic wolf pack that inexplicably finds South Florida’s climate hospitable, that it’s about 30 years old, and that it plans to “do things” (ominous much?) in Fort Lauderdale. For the rest of the details, we eavesdrop, hide in dark alleys, and collect reports and gossip at local haunts.

Turns out, the forces behind the Wolf are interested in creating something sorely lacking in our community: a music-cum-sake hangout. Seems innocent enough. It is said that this hangout will resurrect ’90s hipster space the Mudhouse. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. But in the meantime, the interstellar troupe plans to win over hearts through events intended to please the senses. The latest, the subtly titled “Because We Like to Party,” will feature art to dazzle our eyes, music to rock our ears, and booze (according to the flier, “probably some tequila”) to rattle your sense of equilibrium. We suspect the last is for the purposes of mind control.

Blond Fuzz, Web Low Boys (the gag is in the first “B”…) and Beings, a Miami band that sounds like an indie-rock Torche, will perform. Finally, the event takes a varied, provocative look into what our burgeoning local arts culture has to offer with artists such as Chris Piller, Erick Arenas, Chuck Loose & Iron Forge Press, Gurty, Janette Valentine, and B.J. Giacco, to name a few. The party starts 6 p.m. Saturday at a Laser Wolf warehouse annex located at 1145 NE Ninth Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Admission costs $5 for the show, $10 if you want to drink. Visit
Sat., July 24, 6 p.m., 2010

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